Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh was born on January, 27, 1964 in the city of Petropavlosk, USSA.
He spent his childhood in Ukraine, Kolomiya city. Now he lives and works mostly in Moscow and Berlin.


1996 - 2000                               Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, Art Workshop of M. Khusid, Interstudio, Tsarskoe Selo Branch

1979 - 1983Kiev State College of Variety and Circus Arts, Variety Department, Speech Art

Theatre and Stage Achievements


Actor, vocalist, sound imitator in the Traumtheater Salome, Germany tour


Fool in "King Lear" by W. Shakespeare in Taganka Theatre, Moscow


Ben Gunn and Blind Pew in the musical "Treasure Island" by S. L. Stevenson, Moscow


Actor, comedian, vocalist, sound imitator in the Traumtheater Salome, Germany


Comedian and vocalist in the Cirque Medrano, France


Actor, comedian, vocalist, sound imitator in the Traumtheater Salome, Germany


Actor, vocalist in the Variety-Theatre Hans-Peter Wodarz PALAZZO, Berlin, Germany


Concert activity on the main stages of Moscow as one of the respresentatives of Moscow Actors' Association
2004-2006Actor, comedian, vocalist, sound imitator in one of the most prestigious European variety theatres "Pomp Duck and Circumstance", Berlin, Germany

2003-2004Clown in the "Snowshow" of Slava Polunin
2003-2004Comedian and sound imitator in the variety theatre "Witzigmann Palazzo", Dusseldorf, Germany
2000-2004Showcase performances at "Golden Mask" ceremony, film festival "Sozvezdie", etc.
1998 till nowOne-man theatre "Papizh-club" directed by Galina Gubanova, St. Petersburg. Performances: Chanson-Clown-Program "Fusion", "Harlequin or Trickster's Travelling"
Actor of St. Petersburg Akimov's Comedy Theatre
Numerous concert tours in Russia and abroad (France, Holland, Italy, UK, Romania, Israel, etc.)
Actor of the State theatre "Buff", St. Petersburg
Actor of the Leningrad Concert Association "Lenkonzert"

Cinema and TV Achievements

D.Svetozarov's film "Three Colours of Love", Dani's  part
2002D.Svetozarov's film "Named Baron", one of the leading parts: gypsy Dzhango

1994K.Muratova's film "Passions", one of the leading parts: horse trainer Amirov
1988V.Aksenov's film "Musical Games", one of the leading parts: UFO people chief "Lysij"
Participant of many TV shows like "Anshlag-Anshlag", "Smekhopanorama", "Shire Krug", "Smekhonostalgya", "Komnata Smekha", "Krivoe Zerkalo", etc.

Participation in Festivals and Contests

2014          Awardee of TV-Festival "Super Talent" in the Ukraine

2012          Awarded with the gold statuette of the international "Festival of Parody" in Odessa

2008          Awarded with the medal for the high professional level, Moscow

2002Named as "the most multi-skilled actor of St. Petersburg" in PROspekt magazine (under the heading "The best 100 and 1 in St. Petersburg")

1995-2005       Awardee of international festivals like

"Kukart", St. Petersburg - "For Theatrical Findings" prize

"Planet of Clowns", Moscow
"Minifest", Rostov-on-Don
"Veselaya Koza" (All-Russia festival of humorous performances), Nizhny Novgorod - 1st prize winner
International Theatre Olympiad in Moscow
A. Vasylev's Symposium in Moscow "Scythians' Special Look"
International Festival of Performances by K. Malevich, Moscow
1987VIII All Union Contest of Variety Actors, speech performance - 1st prize winner, "The Robot-Announcer of the 21st Century"

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